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The foundation of the Bad Attitude pulling team began in 1982. Brothers Kenny and Wally Ort, as well as long-time friend Marty Clock, attended nearby county fairs competing in the street stock class. This was a class of local guys with street driven pickup trucks who drove them to the pull, and hopefully drove them home. After two years of pulling a street truck, the decision was made to form an official team and purchase the first Bad Attitude.

From 1985 to 1989 the trio competed with their 500 horsepower ’67 El Camino, improving its performance incrementally each year. 1990 brought changes to the team. The El Camino was sold and Marty split from Kenny and Wally by buying his own truck. Kenny and Wally revived the Bad Attitude pulling team by purchasing their second truck.

Bad Attitude 2 was a ’72 Chevrolet with 800 horsepower. This truck was a completely fabricated pulling machine with very few factory components. Kenny and Wally won many pulls from 1990 to 1994, as they gained experience and continued to make improvements on the truck. Unfortunately, Wally passed away in the winter of 1994 from a bout with Leukemia.

1995 brought a new addition to the pulling team, long time friend and neighbor Mark McIntire. Kenny and Mark installed a 1994 Chevrolet fiberglass body on the truck that featured a new paint scheme in memory of Wally. Fit with a new 500 cubic inch, 1000 horsepower engine, Bad Attitude 3 was ready to compete once again for the ’96 season. Pulling in Indiana and Ohio, Kenny and Mark won their share of events, pulling off and on from 1996 to 2001. After the truck sat in the garage during 2002, it was time to go pulling again.

At the age of 17, Kenny’s son Kyle drove at his first event in Ohio in the late summer of 2003. With only a few driving experiences, Kyle jumped into the truck and pulled Bad Attitude 3 during the entire 2004 season achieving 3rd place in the ITPA points race, as well as Rookie of the Year. Kyle’s brother, Alex, made his first pass down the track at the age of 16 in the fall of 2004. Engine problems plagued the Bad Attitude pulling team during the 2005 season, as Kyle and Alex split driving duties 50/50. With the declining performance of the dated components, midway through the year the engine, clutch, and transmission were sold in preparation for the following year.

In the spring of 2006, Bad Attitude 3 underwent a complete overhaul. An updated clutch and transmission, as well as a new 1200 plus horsepower engine was in store for the new season. As the 2006 season progressed, the weak link of the truck was exposed. Rear end breakage netted the Bad Attitude team with another 3rd place points position. Countless hours of intense labor during the spring of 2007 building a new, stronger rear end, would ensure no more driveline issues for the ’07 season. All of the hard work from years of pulling experience finally paid off at the conclusion of the 2007 pulling season with a points championship. Bad Attitude 3 ran better than ever before and won thirteen consecutive events.

In 2008 another points championship was achieved even with a host of different issues that gave the team trouble all year. Bad Attitude was running as good as it ever has with more power and more experience to the team with the new set-up.

2009 was a bit of an off season for the team as the truck was for sale to step up to the super modified two wheel drive division. The truck was still running great and gathered numerous wins. 2010 was much the same until the truck was sold in August. It was sold to Brad Hewitt of Australia.

After the truck was sold the build of the SMTWD truck was started. The team participated mostly in NTPA Region II with a few GN events that were close to home. 2011 was the first season out for the new truck for the team.